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29 March 2007 @ 11:46 pm
So apparently I have a new boyfriend.
Don't you just love that? I do think it is a marvelous preface to this entry. :D

Okay, so on Monday. I'm driving, looking around, doing my thing. Suddenly, there's this cutie in the car next to me. I'm suddenly on PREDATOR mode and nearly run this guy off the rode. Luckily, he caved and we met for coffee. His name is Miguel. He is nineteen. Graduated highschool at seventeen. Moved out, same year. Never moved back in. Made $22,000 dollars last year; got $3,000 back from income taxes. (Which is awesome compared to my measely $66 dollars I got back- but whatever.) Paid back every dime he owed his parents (which wasn't much). Wants to be a pro-skateboarder. I know, HUGE warning sign. Thankfully, he knows he sucks so I don't think he's seroiusly considering it. Ah yes, his job. He is the Saftey Manager, and also part-time assistant manager, of a construction company. He is partly bilingual. He is white, lean, and has a pretty cute body. Not the best, but eh.
So we hit it off, drinking coffee, doing the thing. He thinks I'm gorgeous; I think that's cute. Fastforwards: I'm driving home, relishing in glory. I get a call from him, not one hour afterwards. He calls to tell me that he had "a wonderful time" and that "I was so pretty" and had "such an amazing smile" and "wanted to let me know all that in case he never saw me again". Okay, with those lines, you're defintely seeing me again.

Next day: I'm sitting in Starbucks, reading my newest book It's All Over But the Shoutin' by Rick Braggs. Positively amazing, by the way. Umhum, anyway, I get a call from Miguel right. Whoo! Oh no. Not Whoo!. A definite not Whoo!. No, he calls to let me know that he "finally worked up the courage to tell me he has a kid". Ummmm, okay. You know what, I don't really mind. A kid I can deal with. Kids can make a man very sexy. Oh, but it doesn't stop there. He then precedes to tell me he has "a wife. A fat one I don't love anymore but am staying with 'cause she might take my kid away". Shit. Shit. Shit. Shiiiiiiiit. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.
But, because I'm Kelly, I say "fine by me! The more the merrier! BRING IT ON!!!".

Yesterday: We only get to hang out in his truck for like, a half an hour. Which was sad. But his stupid wife kept bugging him and all. :( What time we did have went really well though. He is an amazing kisser, simply divine. All soft and lovely. He keeps a picture of his son Jason (who is nine months old) in his dash. Let me tell you, even though you're scorning me now, wait till you see something like that for yourself. Then you'll get why I was all...YESSSSSSS.

Tonight: Meet him at Desert Ridge- again. He then precedes to pull up his hood (in fear of being caught. *eye roll* I know. But he's an affair virgin). I walk loud and proud in my sexy heels and watch as every guy throws envious glances his way. I know this only 'cause he mentioned it later. :) Finally, I buy us some sodas at In N' Out, only to dash right back to my car. *sigh* I know. It's okay. I'm a kind person when I have nothing better to do. Yup, then we make- out like mad while he tells me I'm a "precious angel" (again, I KNOW.) and how pretty I am. Oh yes, he threw in a couple of "this must be a dream"'s in there too.

Now, I don't know whether he really is THAT CORNY. Which, trust me, is a legitiment claim. I know things. If it's not that then I'm not sure what his deal is. Either way, I adore the attention so I think I'll keep this going for a little bit longer. After all, I have nothing better to do. :D And apparently, this makes me his GIRLFRIEND. He dropped the word a couple of times, so it's not my imagination.



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24 March 2007 @ 09:50 am
Today I have to work at Office Max. Which you all may think is boring, but it is not. All I do is cashier, sleep, and flirt with Joesph and Paris. It's the bombest job ever. I'm rather pleased with myself for scoring it. I do however have to wear a black polo- TUCKED IN- to my khakis. *freak* I despise it. I've found if I wear my gray cardigan though, it looks more...humanlike.

So today I think Paris wants to see my underwear. Damn. Did I mention Paris is my boss? No? Guess what? HE IS MY BOSS. AND HE IS MARRIED. WITH KIDS. He likes to feel up my ass when he's talking to them on the phone. I feel reallyreallyreally bad.
That was a huge lie. I'm sorry I lied to you. I don't really care, to be completely honest. As long as she doesn't come knocking on my door with her wifey rage, I'm going to ignore it.

Yesterday I went shopping with Heather, again. Even though we went yesterday. :) Gotta love the mall. I bought an adorable white summer dress with little bitty brown flowers. I'm pretty excited, considering it finally has a tasteful neckline. I am a busty girl, especially for my size. I must have tried on twenty- thousand that looked good if I didn't move too quickly. God forbid I bend down for something. Needless to say, I was pleased with my dress.
Then I got a pair of brown flats to match it.
And I can wear Heather's brown cardigan to cover my shoulders up for school.

I also got a pair of sunglass from Ulta, which are my 7th pair so far. Hmm, oh yeah! I got a pink and a yellow tank from Old Navy, along with this white casual chic top. I've been wearing it for two days straight. I'm kind of attached. At Aeroposlte, I found these dark blue cargo capris for like, $14 dollars. AAAAND, I got these yellow plaid boxers that remind me of Adam.

Heather bought some underwear from the gap (including a thong for moi). She also got the most gorgeous black slingbacks (with a pointed toe and a bow) that we saw all day. I bought her these palm tree boxers, which we wore to Blimpies. :DD

YESSSSSSS. It was a lovely trip. Extremely successful.

I need to get ready for work. Damn.
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20 March 2007 @ 05:31 pm
So here's what I'm thinking these days, ladies and gentleman. Jay wants to get married and I'm terrified. I can't seem to make up an articulate reason as to why I'm scared either.

I mean really. Do I want to marry him? Jesus Fucking Christ, I've been with him for what? SIX YEARS? What more do I want?

I honestly couldn't tell you why I still can't get myself around to trusting him.

I'm going to die alone at this rate.

Send me flowers, Jay.
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13 December 2006 @ 04:30 pm
Ladies and Gentleman, I'm on fire. Remember that flu/cold/shit thing I had recently? No. Well, I had a flu/cold/shit thing a bit ago. Mmhmm, it appears that it made me fire-licious. I have regained converstation with Blake, scored another date with the ambitious Patrick, and have fallen in love with Cavan. Oh yeah, let's not forget Steffen, who it just so happens both of my sisters like. Heh.

About Blake

Well, I will tell ya'll about Blake these days. He has dyed his hair again and it looks worse now. XD Don't worry critical ladies and gentleman, I didn't tell him that. I mean, in that way. I just said I liked it better blonde.

Yesterday I chilled with him at work for a good hour & a half. I just kinda snuck in the backroom of Food Ave ('cause he was working that yesterday) and hid there until I scared him shitless. It was cute. All went well, he was behaved for the most part. He did randomly start going on about how thin and pretty I was. And how he couldn't help but stare at my "ample, round bottom". Yep, he said bottom. I don't know, he's weird. Sweet as candy, but freaky. I love him.

About Patrick

I have a date with Patrick on Friday, after some dinner he has to attend with his parentos. Then he's all mine. He is seriously the most ambitious boy I've met in a long time. It's sexy.

He presented in class yesterday and made me hate myself. He's so fucking articulate and genius-y. I hate it. I'm, like, pathetically inferior to him. It's almost kinda hot. Almost. Anyway, so all is going nicely on that front and I'm praying it'll stay that way.

Those are the important boys right now. The rest just think I'm pretty and are fun to chillax with. Oh yeah, here's a nice little tidbit, Patrick loves the word chillax. He thought it was clever. Fuck yes!
I am so clever.

Finals are next week and I'm crying in my car when I think about it. It's all kinda lame. Pretty much school licks cunt. Rawr. djkafdf <,<;;

Oh God, I almost forgot. Bradely is back. With vengence. *cowers* It's making me die.


Later chums!
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04 December 2006 @ 03:57 pm
I just went to a Death Cab for Cutie concert and get this- nobody was drunk.
And the crowd sucked. Death Cab was amazing; they are insane live! But the lame-ass crowd, like, didn't cheer or anything? I am a loud person naturally, but to be the loudest person in the entire place...I was fucking pissed.
I need to get drunk to make up for their un-drunkenness.

But I did get Heather and I cute little shirts. Mine is yellow with a pencil that says DEATH and little cursive print CAB FOR CUTIE. It's the shit.Heather got a plain black one with a lovely lil' suitcase. It's the shit too.

We did look cute at the concert. She has this sumptuous white fur coat and scarf thing that looks just gorgeous on her. I was like, awwwwwww! I'm so glad my friends are pretty.

Okay, fess up time, I looked dorky. XD I had on this bright pink coat with flowers and shit; I looked, like, four. But that didn't stop the little emo boys (ie Sam) from getting my number. But don't worry folks, this one ain't going anywhere. We talked just long enough for him to establish that I don't have texting anymore and the deal was done. I was rejected. 'Cause I didn't have texting. Gotta love those emos.

Hmmmm, oh yeah! I was next to the most squishycuteomfgmine couple ever. They were gay. And I accidentally hit on one, before I knew he was gay. Stop your laughing. It happens all the time. To me. Anyway, we chatted and gushed sporatically throughout the concert, a real bonding moment.

I <3 dancing with Heather. Neither of us really know what the hell to do, so we just jump up and down and sway our hips. Waywaywayfun. We are defintly dancing more often.

But now I'm sick. At first I thought it was some form of hungoverness, but its just a filthy sickness. So now I'm stuck nursing my Jamba Juice and sucking on $10.00 worth of cough drops. That's a lot of cough drops, trust me.

Blake still has my pink headband and I want it back! ><'''''' I can't remember how he even got it. Damnit. I miss him; he's a hoot.



I just sneezed, like, just this second. And it sounded funny. >>' Fucking whatever.

This day sucks.
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26 November 2006 @ 03:47 am
I'm quite nostalgic these days. I keep thinking about my naughty habits. I've realized I just keep going in a stupid little circle. Safe, reckless, safe, reckless. I mean, yeah, it keeps life exciting. But so does Jamba Juice.

In sum, I've been falling in love with every darling boy I meet. So far, there's Blake, Brad, Cavan, Kyle, Matt, and...okay, just point me to one and I'll probably already love 'em. Rushing off to parties. Quit my job; getting another one. I'm such a naughty, nasty girl. :)

And I can't stop missing Jay.


Mmkay, I'm off to meet Cavan!

I still want that hug?
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07 October 2006 @ 03:22 pm
I am rather proud of myself! I know, what an endearing way to start this thing off, yah? Yes. Sean and I are finally getting along! Yay! It's after the relationship and it would be completely pointless if it weren't for three things:

a) I am stubborn and determined to either drive him to suicide, or, get along
b) He is with Heather, so he is no-touchie-to-deathie
c) I want to be around to see if he breaks The Rule.

I would love to tell you The Rule but I know Heather might read this, and she must never know the rule. Just trust it always. I am taking steps to ensure that their relationship will be as fucking glorious as possible. He will not fuck this up. I am in control of this.

*off the hook crazy*

Fuuuuuuuuuuck. I'm stressing so bad I broke out in hives last week. Bad hives. In my bloody face, of all places. ><''' I've got to finish my Essay of Illustration by Monday, then have my Essay of Casual Analysis in first draft form by FUCKING TUESDAY. Argh. Or is it Monday? I don't even care anymore.
Okay, that's a huge lie. That class will probably cause me to disinigrate any moment now. Or combust into flamy- flames.

Ugh, I'm losing weight again, which is nice. I finally have a hold on my fucking gargantuan appetite again. 100-105 is my goal. A little low, but fuck you. I am weighing in at something morbid (114, or close to it) I will win this; I always do!


Pretty much, I've decided I'm scrapping this Literary Magazine thing. I was going to submit, but I've decided that my peice is disasterous and it makes me want to cry. I can't do anything these days?

:# <--bad.
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27 August 2006 @ 08:25 pm
I have to say, I'm bored with my life right now.

I want to be in love with Jay again. I really do miss him.

It's been forever since we've been able to see each other, let alone hug each other. I'm starting to resent this whole "moving away" deal. I'm really starting to miss him. Is that normal?

Blaaaah, I'm all topsy turvy sad now. I have my Jackie-kins over to keep me company; God bless that soulfull boy!
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13 August 2006 @ 05:31 pm
Sheesh, it's been a while hasn't it? I guess I needed a break.
I like breaks.

For instance, this Sean thing, it's a nice break. Not-so-officially pawned Seany boy off on my beloved Heather. She keeps him away from me with her gorgey thin bod and witty lil mind...perfectly fiiiine with me. I want nada to do with him right now. Or ever if we have to get particular.

But can you blame me? I can only take being called:
And those are just off the top of my head, by the way...

Yeah, I can only take that for so long till I snap like a bitch on her knees.

Aaanywho, he's over. And I'm thinking about having Vinny move in, because he said my bod was phenomenal and that he wouldn't ever change anything about me. Ever. Which in my opinion, pretty fucking cool. I don't get that alot, so it's a nice change. Yipee!!

School. Well, that's one word I don't care for. I mean, I have a good schedule with adorable teachers:

Spinning: Egan
TA: Cumberland
Algebra 3/4: Quinton
Physics: Lococo
AM/AZ History: Johnson
English 101: Kuglar

(I am pleased with it; I have classes with both Heather and Rosa! Yay!)

I miss Fernando though. He is such a sweetie. Love.

Ummm, wow. I've bought so many clothes. I just hate having to wear the same thing twice.

I am a perfect mix of Frat Boy meets Teeny Pop.


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10 July 2006 @ 01:55 pm
I found my soul mate you guys! I met him at In-N-Out. He was wearing a knitted, wool poncho with vibrant floral swimming trunks and a cowboy hat. I told Sean to go outside and smoke while we got accquainted. Yeah, so, Poncho Guy is my soulmate.

That's all! :D
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